Surfing in Cape Verde – things you NEED to know

Cape Verde is located 570 km. off the coast of West Africa. It’s an island country that is one of the most popular surfing destinations on the planet. The archipelago features tons of unique surf spots and this makes it incredibly renown among surfers from all over the world. Seeing how one part of the island is constantly windy and because there are plenty of volcanic reefs of the right shapes, it’s easy to see how this place has turn out the most popular surfing destination for people coming from every corner of the planet. It is here that you will find the greatest waves around the entire Atlantic Ocean.

Surfing in Cape Verde

© 2014 gbsngrhm | Flickr

Delve into history

The Island of Sal was initially a Portuguese colony – they were the ones to establish the first settlement in 1462 there. To do so, they bt salves from West Africa. Hence, within a century, the island became more popular because of the transatlantic slave trade, However, not too long after, the island suffered an economic decline. Still, by the 20th century, thanks to its vast tourism possibilities, the island reinstated its wealth. It was granted independence in 1975 and ever since it only grows in terms of its economy and tourism opportunities.

The biggest waves, the greatest winds

Here you will easily find the biggest waves and the very best tourist attractions and accommodations. There are plenty of resorts on the Bay of Santa Maria. There are other islands around as well, but not all of them are so popular and some are only waiting to be discovered. To some you will only be able to get via a ship transfer, which only contributes to the excitement that you are bound to experience.

There are southerly and northerly swells. The lows that are formed all the way in the North Atlantic start in winter and in summer you can experience the greatest south wells, which makes the island all the more attractive to surfers. These are rare but come with some incredibly strong wind, making them even more potent and thrilling in all the right ways.

Getting to Cape Verde

If you are wondering how to get to Cape Verde – there are 4 international airports: Santiago, Sal, Boa Vista and Sao Vicente. The majority of international flights will include a stopover in either Lisbon, Casablanca or Dakar. There also are plenty of ferries that will allow you to travel between the islands. However, keep in mind that these are far less reliable and you will therefore be better off taking the plane.

Our Surfing Spots Guide

The best surf spots Sal Cabo Verde

Here's some of our favorite surfing spots with nice swells and best waves:

Monte Grande Beach

Surfing Monte Grande Beach Sal Cabo Verde

© 2007-2021 Chris Bloom | Flickr

Location: far from main roads. Need a car to get there.

Check conditions

Praia de Agua Doce

Surfing Praia de Agua Doce Sal Cabo Verde

© 2006-2021 Tom Booth | Flickr

Location: the same, rent a car to get to this spot.

Check waves forecast


Surfing Fragata Sal Cabo Verde

© 2007-2021 Chris Bloom | Flickr

Best surfing spot with E or NE wind. Location: close to Santa Maria, car rental recommended.

Check waves here!


Surfing Spoutnik Sal Cabo Verde

© 2013-2021 Erik Cleves Kristensen | Flickr

Location: easy to walk from your hotel in Santa Maria

Nice swell today...

Santa Maria

Surfing Santa Maria Beach Sal Cabo Verde

© 2014-2021 gbsngrhm | Flickr

🏄It is nice with SW and NE swell in the summer and the big NW winter swells. Good for beginners! Location: the spot located at the center of Santa Maria city.

Check the weather

Ponto do Sino

Surfing Ponto do Sino Beach Sal Cabo Verde

© 2007-2021 Chris Bloom | Flickr

🏄The one of the most consistent surf spots in Santa Maria. Nice for amateurs. Location: this spot located near Salinas hotel, 5 minutes walk from the center of Santa Maria.

Check this spot

Ponta Preta

Surfing Ponta Preta Beach Sal Cabo Verde

© 2006-2021 Mike W. | Flickr

The most popular wave of Sal Island. Long waves come with NW swells. Very nice place to surf! Location: 10 minutes drive from Santa Maria

Surfing today?


Surfing Rife Spot Sal Cabo Verde

© 2004-2021 Graeme Newcomb | Flickr

Location: 20 minutes drive from Santa Maria

Today's weather on the spot

Canoa Beach

Waves on Canoa Beach Sal Cabo Verde

© 2007-2021 Chris Bloom | Flickr

Location: accessible with a car only

Waves today

Cascalho Beach

Surfing Cascalho Beach Sal Cabo Verde

© 2012-2021 Pedro Gómez | Flickr

A long right-hander, better with N or NW swell. Location: accessible with a 4WD car only

Check for big waves

Monte Leão

Surfing Monte Leão Spot Sal Cabo Verde

© 2012-2021 Andrew | Flickr

Location: accessible with a 4WD car only

Surf report

Ali Baba

Surfing Ali Baba Spot Sal Cabo Verde

© 2013-2021 Steve Corey | Flickr

Ride on top of a lava reef bottom with NE wind! Location: accessible with a 4WD car only

Surf forecast for today

Curral Joul

Surfing Curral Joul Sal Cabo Verde

© 2013-2021 GL Jackson | Flickr

Location: accessible with a 4WD car only

Surf report and forecast


Surfing Fontana Spot Sal Cabo Verde

© 2007-2021 Bengt Nyman | Flickr

Location: accessible with a 4WD car only

Swell rating for this spot


Surfing Palmeira Sal Cabo Verde

© 2019-2021 Kirt Edblom | Flickr

Spot with the best waves in all of Africa! Location: 5 minutes drive from the capital city, 10 minutes from airport

Current surf report for Palmeira

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