Fitness routines for big freediving fans

In most cases, it is most important to be able to relax when freediving than getting the most from your physical condition. However, fit divers adapt a lot quicker and more effortlessly, being able to stay under water for a longer time. Especially if they know a thing or two about relaxing and balancing while under water. Of course, strength training is also valuable, since it develops all the necessary muscles and teaches you discipline.

Fitness routines for big freediving fans

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Proper cardio routines coupled with strength training will give you amazing results and make you fitter, stronger and more resilient. These may also be helpful when training your breath hold, since your body is adapting to proper breathing – something much like freediving. Of course, it is best to approach the matter carefully, not to pass out.

Master the art of Breath Hold & Strength Training

You can always train your breath hold in the gym, during your workout. However, it is best to approach the matter with caution and an experienced instructor ready to help you out at any given moment. You should focus more on the muscles that matter the most when free diving. That is, your shoulders and your legs. Proper muscle adaptation will allow you to perform your freedives safer and with little to no stress in the first place.

Ancestral Tybetan Gym Exercises – get incredible health benefits

Obviously, both stretching and yoga are quite beneficial to those willing to go the extra mile whenever freediving. It increases one’s flexibility and strength which is surely a great asset whenever you are looking for the best freediving support out there. However, in order to make the most from your needs, you will need an experienced instructor who will point you in the right direction.

We offer exclusive Tybetan techniques on the surface that will allow you to practice the right moves and methods allowing you to stay on the water and under it for a while longer!

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