Fish hunting done right with Apnea Boom

It is with great pleasure that we are ready to offer our clients with the amazing spearfishing courses. There are two major types of courses that we created to help you understand the process, enjoy the advantages and gain new skills that will allow you to make the most out of underwater hunting. We will go over such important matters as safety, learning more about how fish behave, how to handle the necessary equipment and maintain it to make the most from your needs.

Fish hunting done right with Apnea Boom

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At the moment, we are ready to provide you with two major courses:

No matter what level of skills you have, this course will provide you with some invaluable insights that will aid you in making the most from your underwater hunting experience.

What you’ll need

The better gear you have - the bigger fish you hunt. So, don’t forget about the equipment – you will need a mask, some fins, a snorkel, a wetsuit, some weights, a weight belt and, of course, a computer designed for freediving (we have everything for rent).

For Atlantic Ocean fish hunting you must have a freediver certificate, or you can be certified here by taking our Apnea Boom Fundamentals Course.

Dive right in!

If you are looking to refine your skills and want to make the most from your experience, we simply cannot help but recommend you to definitely make the most from these courses within the very least amount of time possible.

Start your underwater experience asap!

About Apnea Boom

Евгений Смирнов - руководитель команды Тритоны

   Founder – Evgeny Smirnoff

  • CMAS certified instructor
  • Moscow Apnea Championship winner (2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Static Breath Hold over 6:49"
  • Dynamic Apnea 128 m
  • Dynamic Apnea with bifins 181 m
  • Dynamic Apnea with monofin 204 m
  • Constant Weight Dive 52 m

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