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There are plenty of things to keep in mind when diving deep. However, one of the most important is to master the ability to relax your body during apnea. See, if you will panic when you are holding your breath, you will end up burning much more oxygen, which will cut your time underwater short.

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Adam Horton after his amazing 4 minutes performance

Relaxing your body with special training program

To master this relaxation in full, you will need to follow a certain diet, meditate and acquire proper equipment. Still, no matter how hard you try yourself, there is only one thing that will allow you to get the most from this practice. We are, of course, talking about proper training!

Hold your breath underwater for a while longer

This type of training that facilitates dry static apnea for holding your breath underwater is carried out on land. You must not move and the primary focus is to make sure that your training your body alongside your mind to remain relaxed whenever you hold your breath. Thus, you will lose less oxygen and will be able to stay underwater for a much greater period.

Our dry static apnea training will allow you to undergo all stage of this practice under attentive supervision for the industry experts!

Course facts

This course is meant for any qualified freedivers SSI level 1 or above. If you are interested in boosting your breath-hold, this course is exactly the thing for you! It will allow you to master Static Apnea techniques via an individual approach and intensive training. It’s not only about your physical abilities – the course is intended to help you make the most from your muscle-mind connection in the first place!

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Евгений Смирнов - руководитель команды Тритоны

   Founder – Evgeny Smirnoff

  • Moscow Apnea Championship winner (2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Static Breath Hold over 6:49"
  • Dynamic Apnea 128 m
  • Dynamic Apnea with bifins 181 m
  • Dynamic Apnea with monofin 204 m
  • Constant Weight Dive 52 m

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