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Welcome to Apnea Boom: Your Gateway to Freediving Excellence

Welcome to Apnea Boom, located on the beautiful Sal Island, Cabo Verde. Whether you are a beginner eager to explore the underwater world or looking to advance your freediving skills, our CMAS 1-Star Freediver course is the perfect starting point. Our expert instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and stunning dive sites provide the ideal environment for your freediving journey.

Why Choose the CMAS 1-Star Freediver Course?

The CMAS 1-Star Freediver course is an internationally recognized certification that provides a comprehensive introduction to the sport of freediving. Under the guidance of certified CMAS instructors, you will learn essential techniques, including breath-hold, proper finning techniques, and effective equalization methods. Our structured course ensures you gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Course Itinerary

Test Results

At the end of the course, you will be evaluated through a written exam and practical assessments. Successful candidates will earn the CMAS 1-Star Freediver certification, allowing them to dive up to 18 meters worldwide.

Pros and Cons of the CMAS 1-Star Freediver Course



Addressing Your Concerns

At Apnea Boom, we understand that starting a new sport can come with questions and concerns. Here’s how we address them:

Safety Concerns

Our courses prioritize safety above all else. We provide extensive training in safety protocols and emergency procedures, ensuring you feel confident and secure underwater.


We offer flexible payment plans and equipment rental options to make our courses more accessible. Investing in your freediving education is a step towards a lifetime of underwater exploration and adventure.

Physical Fitness

Our courses are designed for all fitness levels. We include conditioning exercises to improve your diving performance, ensuring you progress at a comfortable pace.


The CMAS 1-Star Freediver course is the first step in a structured progression path. From here, you can advance to 2-Star and 3-Star courses, eventually becoming a high-level athlete or professional instructor.

Course Schedule

The CMAS 1-Star Freediver course at Apnea Boom is conducted over three days, with each day dedicated to specific training modules:

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About Apnea Boom

Евгений Смирнов - руководитель команды Тритоны

   Founder – Evgeny Smirnoff

  • CMAS certified instructor
  • Moscow Apnea Championship winner (2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Static Breath Hold over 6:49"
  • Dynamic Apnea 128 m
  • Dynamic Apnea with bifins 181 m
  • Dynamic Apnea with monofin 204 m
  • Constant Weight Dive 52 m

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